A coin to reduce our carbon footprint

The survcoin is a currency designed to reward our carbon footprint reduction efforts. The goal of the project is to stimulate and accelerate these efforts by quantifying and rewarding them. The survcoin is based on the blockchain, an emerging technology on which citizens can henceforth build their own decentralised contractual and monetary tools, themselves defining their purpose.

Survcoin CO2 down

In the face of the climate emergency, many citizens are ready to undertake significantly more efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, but an important part of this goodwill is wasted due to lack of adequate incentives. On the other hand, most of us are remarkably responsive to anything resembling a monetary stimulus. The survcoin is a dedicated currency that builds on this responsiveness: it is paid to us as a reward in proportion to  avoided CO2 emissions. These rewards thus quantify the decarbonising merit of our carbon footprint reduction initiatives.

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The survcoin, which will be deployed mainly within smartphone applications, will give a playful, gamification dimension to our footprint reduction efforts thanks to emulation among peers. Defined as a reward, it plays the carrot rather than the stick and constitutes, in the face of the difficulties we face weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels, an unexplored track.

Pilot project

We are looking for you!

The survcoin is being deployed in Luxembourg as a pilot project. Participants will have the opportunity to obtain and spend survcoins with project partners. This project is conducted by Climate Action Blockchain, a group created in August 2017 to explore the blockchain’s potential for climate action.

For the pilot project to be launched in Luxembourg, Climate Action Blockchain is currently looking for businesses, organisations and municipalities interested in participating in this unique experience. The partnerships will focus on products and services to be selected based on their exemplary decarbonisation impact. Their acquisition will be rewarded in survcoin-denominated awards. In the same way, specific products and services will be selected for purchase transactions in survcoins, in order to favor the emergence of a monetary ecosystem stimulating the decarbonisation:

Get Survcoin

obtain and spend survcoins

Participer Survcoin

launch and find initiatives, participate and join

Survcoin CO2 volume

become aware of your carbon footprint, measure it

Survcoin habiter

enter decarbonisation contests with your peers

Expected benefits of the pilot project

Verify the feasibility of the concept (partners, users) on the basis of a minimal product and refine the model before deployment of the survcoin at a larger scale in 2019. In particular, the following points will be explored:

Survcoin habiter

Survcoin as a common denominator in a variety of decarbonisation fields (mobility, housing, food, sharing economy ...)

Survcoin mobile

Interaction between physical currencies (fitted with RFID chips) and dematerialised crypto-currencies

Survcoin Valeur

Valuation of the survcoin compared to conventional currencies

If you are interested in participating in the pilot project in Luxembourg, we invite you to contact us using the form below:


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